I just wanted to thank you for all your help, it really made a difference and helped me to achieve my potential against the odds. Miss S J
Thank you so much for helping with all my issues and allowing my mind to become more free.    Mrs E W                                                        Mrs E.W.
Before I started my treatment with Patricia, I felt like I was too big to participate in any activities and self-conscious about my size. After trying nearly every diet in the book I was not sure that this would work.  However, after just my first session with Patricia, my whole concept of eating changed.  I no longer felt like just binging on junk food, as it was quick and easy. I started thinking about what I was eating more, cutting out all the cakes and biscuits. …. I now feel better in my self, and am still losing weight at a steady pace. I feel more confident in my self, and am excited to see the end result.                                                              Mrs M.M.
I learned a lot about myself in those few session and as a result feel more accepting of who I am and I find that I'm now sometimes surprised to feel quite differently about myself, in a very positive way.
 I can now think of myself as a nice and worth while person and I'm less likely to devalue myself in daily situations.  It does though come as a surprise every time and I know something has changed in me."        Mrs A
Thank you for your time and helping me realise that I am "normal". Miss D                                              

I've lost 2 1/2 stones!!                             Mrs C
Just to let you know I'm really happy at uni, made lots of friends and enjoying my course.             
Miss P - former generalised anxiety sufferer
Hi Pat, I'm doing fantastic... never felt this good in all my life....I couldn't thank you more.          
Mr G - former gambling addict
It's because of you that I'm feeling so great. Story so far, I have lost a stone in weight, just slowly but surely watching what I'm eating and exercising.... At the moment I feel really happy with my life and everyone around me. Mrs F
Good flight, no panicking.... husband and boys very impressed.  Thanks.  Mrs S
I'm clear on the outcome of our meetings and going with the flow much more.  The home life is much more relaxed and the kids have got a happy dad back. X and I are investing our time together patiently and gradually to secure our family future.  I'll always remember your advice and will think of you when I'm on holiday and at Christmas.                                                  Mr S
I came to Patricia at an ‘all time low’ after a family member had experienced child abuse over 10 years ago.
I had sought help but it never had worked for me & I knew there was ‘an elephant in the room’ and it had to be addressed as it was affecting every part of my life.
From the minute I met Patricia I knew she could help me. The journey was painful but not only was she a complete professional along the way but I could see small steps towards a huge cloak of pain being lifted very, very slowly every week.
I was extremely sceptical but by the end realised that every part of the mind & your life experiences are related and woven together. It takes time and effort to unravel these strands and to make sense to move on as a happier person. Patricia did this for me.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services. Thank you. Mrs O
I am really, REALLY happy with my results!!! Over the moon! And i went into the hall with confidence to get my results! 
So, i got 1 A*, 6 A's, 2 B's....I am really pleased.
Thank you again for all the help. Miss W - Exam Anxiety
I am more relaxed about things and accepting. Mrs S
thank you for getting me through those dark days, it was what i needed and it helped me lots.     Mrs H                                           

Dear Patricia.  I wanted to thank you so much for helping me over the past few weeks.  I feel so blessed to have found you and I have truly been guided onwards by you in my trickiest times of my life. Mrs J O
Hi Patricia.  I just thought I'd update you on my progress since we last spoke.... I really am living my dream now.  I'm not sure it would have turned out this way if you hadn't helped me to realise my passion which I had buried.  Miss E C

Thanks Patricia.  The treatment was a success and I had a good flight thank you.  We have even been talking about where we might go next.  Thank you for everything. Mrs R
Hi Patricia, I just wanted to say thank you for all the advice that you gave (us) over the last few months. Whilst we haven’t managed to achieve our primary aim of coming to you our relationship is in a much better position now than it was. Thank you once again for helping us have a fighting chance.    R&J
Thank you, I'm so proud of myself!  and I'm so so grateful for the help you have given me... I couldn't have done it without you!!  You're helping this lion roar!  Stone and a half since Jan.                                       Miss J
Hi Patricia, just wanted to thank you for today.  You have no idea what an impact you have on my life, thank you.                    Mr B

Patricia.  Just to say thanks for helping me find my way in 2017. Miss C
Thank you so much patricia, you have helped me alot.