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Happy in your relationship?


couples relationship counselling

are you experiencing problems?

There are numerous reasons why relationships falter, when love is no longer  enough to make your relationship work.

For some, a decline in happiness might be triggered by infidelity, betrayal, lost of libido, jealousy, work-related stress, bereavement or financial worries.

Similarly, who said being a parent is easy?  Whether it is being new parents, adjusting to the role of step-parenting, coping with teenage or problematic adult children, the pressures of parenthood can often take an enormous toll on relationships. 

On the other hand, making the choice not to have children or unable to have children may also come with its own pain and discourse.

Other reasons for emotional shifts or strains in relationships may be due to a partner’s poor health; having different cultural, race, religious or economic backgrounds; or the undesirable lifestyle choices of one or both partners including excess gambling, drinking, spending.  

The list is endless.

Whatever the underlying reasons for constant arguing, feelings of disappointment, unhappiness, sadness, loneliness, emotional or violence abuse, general malaise or taking each other for granted, confidential, experienced relationship / marriage / couples counselling may help.

Each treatment plan is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements, needs and goals. 

Want to know more about how couples, marriage, relationship counselling may help you? 

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